Tourism And Hospitality

Liberia’s tourism sector possesses unique and competitive assets that remain largely untapped. The country is endowed with a rich culture and a wide variety of natural beauty ranging from plains to spectacular white sand beaches to rainforest. Liberia enjoys three main touristic features: costal and marine sites, natural sites/features and cultural and historical sites. The potential for Liberia’s tourism sector is massive. Liberia’s natural attractions include two natural forest reserves, wetlands and mangroves, and biological and landscape diversity. Liberia is endowed with approximately 42% of the Upper Guinea Forest of West Africa, rich in endemic flora and fauna. There are two upper Guinea biodiversity hotspots: East Nimba Natural Reserve and the Sapo National Park. Both are home to rare birds, and high diversity of mammals such as elephants, monkeys, antelopes and Liberia’s national symbol, the Pigmy Hippopotamus. All sorts of touristic services can be tapped around these natural sites, such as ecotourism activities, e.g. birds watching, and rural tourism activities, e.g. village tours. The Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, has developed a Liberia National Tourism Strategy (NTS) to serve as a road Map for the development of tourism in Liberia. The National Tourism Strategy represents the consensus of a wide consultative process in the tourism industry, both Public and Private Stakeholders. This Strategy provides a framework for the mobilization of resources in order to realize long-term national objectives. As articulated in the Liberia National Development Plan of Vision 2030, which are; sustained economic growth, employment creation, poverty reduction, reduced inequalities in income, gender and between regions and the promotion of economic empowerment. The NTS covers several aspects of the economy, environment and society as a whole. More precisely, with the level of Terrorist activities carry out in the World today, we were cognizant that, tourists are temporary residents in communities and as such share benefits and services provided by all divisions of government. Both tourists and nationals want security, good roads, efficient transport services, comfortable accommodation, hygienic restaurants, good value shopping, entertainment, efficient tele-communication services and access to health services in the event of indisposition. The Government of Liberia is seeking partnerships with local, regional and international leisure service providers to see the potential in its tourism and hospitality sector.


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