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  • Awesome Image In order to attract investors, the country carries out all the essential work on the corporate tax regime, ease of establishing a business and repatriation of capital.
  • Awesome Image Liberia offers one of the best opportunities for investment in Africa today.
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Message from Selahattin Yılmaz, Honorary Consul of Liberia

Liberia offers one of the best opportunities for investment in Africa today!

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About Selahattin Yılmaz

Honorary Consul of Liberia

When asked what they think of the country, anyone who has lived, visited or worked in Liberia always uses one of these statements, or a combination of them: Africa's oldest republic; fun, caring and hospitable; has natural beauty and scenery; rich in natural resources; determined and flexible people; A pillar of power through Africa's growing years. This is our Liberia and Liberia that we invite you to explore as an investor. Expressed by beautifully ornate sculptures depicting faces, people and everyday life, Liberian art and culture is inspired by the antiquity that glorifies present-day Liberia. The rural life found at the core of the artists' work is a centuries-old showcase of the country's indigenous history. In 1821, freed slaves and free black Americans came to the island of Destiny and declared it their home. 16 languages ​​are spoken in 15 countries. Africa's oldest republic entered the scene as an independent nation in 1847, and since then the country has enjoyed many "firsts" on the continent. This African-American heritage is intricately woven into our indigenous and proud history. Music, dance and laughter are part of our rich heritage. Liberia was a source of power between the 50s and 70s as many African countries transitioned from colonialism to independence. During these formative years, the country became a beacon of hope as many African leaders sought advice from Liberian leaders on their country's organizations. A meeting was held in Sanniquellie in July 1959 between Liberia, Guinea, and Ghana, and Liberia laid the foundation of the African Union that gave its name to the community of Independent African states. In Liberia, after Japan in the 60s and 70s, there was a second economic growth developed by President Tubman's "Open Door Policy". The weapons that have been experienced many times are still geared towards those who enter Liberia's shores today.


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